How-To Yoga Videos

Master Class: 2 Iyengar Variations for an Effortless Extended Side Angle Pose

Yoga Journal’s new Master Class program brings you the wisdom of nine world-renowned teachers through a new online workshop and live lesson every six weeks. In Carrie Owerko’s Iyengar Yoga Fundamentals session, you will learn how to make space in your poses through innovative variations and use of props. The results: More expansive asana, a deeper understanding of your body, and a more playful practice. Ready for a life-changing year? Start today!

As far as standing poses go, Utthita Parsvakonasana isn’t shy about challenging your strength, balance, and flexibility—all while you try to keep that back heel anchored to the mat. But you can bring a sense of effortlessness to this energizing asana. Here, senior Intermediate Iyengar teacher Carrie Owerko instructs you through two variations that will train you to recruit more power from the legs to support the torso, lengthen the sides of the waist, and rotate. Grab a chair and get started.