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Looking for something a little different, or, dare I say it, bizarre? Check out these three yoga DVDs, now available from Netflix:

Yoga for Indie Rockers: Choose a practice set to indie rock, electronic or pop-punk with yoga instructor Chaos. Songs from Kevin Devine, Paulson, Jet Lag Gemini, Roses Are Red, the Bruises, Two Lone Swordsmen, House of Fools, Dillinger Escape Plan, Crash Romeo and more.

Christoga: Ever wonder what happened to Janine Turner from the tv show "Northern Exposure?" You can find her on this Christian Yoga DVD. She has created a routine that combines hatha yoga and Christian meditation. Christian names are even given to traditional yoga poses.

Bellydance Fitness Fusion: Suhaila Salimpour will lead you in yoga-infused belly dancing for a challenging workout.