Nurture Your Inner Child with This Meditation to Release Childhood Anger

While we tend to be future-focused, it’s in healing the past that we’re able to move forward. This Kundalini Yoga-inspired meditation can help you heal and release old childhood wounds.

The new year can truly bring in a new you if you focus on healing the old you first. While we tend to be future-focused, it’s in healing the past that we’re able to move forward. Healing your inner child’s wounds is critical for having healthy adult relationships today. And—news flash—we’ve all experienced some kind of trauma as a child.

Chances are that your inner child…

  • Was taught to hide certain emotions (anger, sadness, fear)
  • Felt unsafe and in need of protection due to a traumatic event(s)
  • Had little to no knowledge on how to process emotions or trauma
  • Experienced abandonment or rejection of some kind

Because of this, you react and behave from your inner child instead of your functioning adult self today. We get upset when others cancel plans because we felt neglected or abandoned in the past. We don’t know how to communicate our feelings or needs because we learned that it wasn’t safe or ok to. And we engage in addictive behaviors in an effort to run away from the stories that haunt us.

 Here are other ways it shows up as an adult today:

  • You have an adult temper tantrum (overly aggressive or meltdown) when something doesn’t go your way
  • You feel abandoned when a partner goes on a vacation OR when a client ends sessions/treatment
  • You often think others are out to get you/take advantage of you OR you take things extremely personally
  • You expect your teacher, coach, or others to give you the love or attention you needed as a child
  • You become depressed when co-workers tease you because you were bullied in the past or you become obsessed with healing another if they’re teased in front of you
  • You’re a people pleaser and you’re unable to set boundaries (emotionally or physically) in an effort to be liked by everyone
  • You often second guess yourself and/or others because you were made to feel that your “gut/intuition” was always wrong
  • You lack sexual intimacy because you were abused as a child, and either don’t know it or don’t want to look at it OR you’re overly sexual because you associate it with love
  • You blame yourself harshly when expectations or goals aren’t met as envisioned
  • You’re hyperaware of your surroundings and feel the need to control outcomes or others in order to feel safe
  • You feel undeserving or unworthy of any goodness that enters your life and when it does you think it’ll be taken from you

In this video, I offer you a simple Kundalini Yoga meditation to help soothe your inner child and help you emerge into a more confident adult. Experience it for yourself as you practice it with me. With consistent daily practice, I’m confident that you’ll begin to unravel that old story and become the you that you were always meant to be.