Yoga Sequences

Deepen Your Self-Awareness With This Gentle, Holistic Yoga Therapy and Meditation Practice

In 1985, Michael Lee created Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) to share what he’d learned by combining yoga with deep personal inquiry. This combination had helped transform his world—more so than yoga or therapy alone ever had.

PRYT is a style of yoga therapy that combines breathwork, gentle poses, meditation, and guided self-inquiry designed to help you safely embrace your physical limits in order to gain personal mental and emotional insights/transformation. It does not replace psychotherapy (also called talk therapy), but rather provides a somatic pathway toward deeper understanding of the self.

A PRYT session has six phases (see video) and draws on the eight limbs of yoga, and modern postural yoga. It also incorporates Buddhist principles, psychology, neuroscience, and trauma research. It emphasizes the importance of letting your own experience determine what’s right for you. Try this practice to learn more. 

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