Restorative Yoga

A Refreshing Slow Flow Practice to Try at Your Desk

Having one of *those* days? Loosen up without leaving your seat with Jillian Pransky’s deskbound practice.

Feeling tired, tight, and way too slammed to take an hourlong yoga break? Reinvigorate your mind and body with a short slow flow practice—without leaving your desk. These simple stretches from Jillian Pransky, who leads our upcoming online course, Everyday Restorative, will get you through one of those days. (Psst: Keep it in mind for your next flight, too!) 

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If you want to learn how to thread the science of deep relaxation into your day, join our online course, Everyday Restorative: Simple Practices for Calm & Clarity in Your Life taught by yoga therapist, mindfulness teacher, and author Jillian Pransky. You’ll learn bite-sized slow flow and restorative practices, breathing and meditation techniques, and quick reset tools—all designed to integrate into your life easily and immediately. Sign up today!