Yoga Videos

Fire Up Your Full Body with This Progressive 20-Minute Practice

Listen, this practice may be a shortie, but it won’t take long to fire up your muscles. Yoga teacher, personal trainer, and former NFL athlete Derrick “DJ” Townsel will lead you through 20 minutes of progressive movements—including explosive lunge jumps and pulsating Chaturangas—to hone power, balance, and control in your body and mind. Grab a towel, ‘cause you’re definitely going to sweat… 

Want more practices like this? It’s a sneak peek from DJ Townsel’s six-week program, Yoga for Strength & Flexibility! You’ll tap your inner power through yoga poses and body-resistance training. Get ready to take on drills and practices that’ll focus on balance, mobility, control, endurance, and integration—and discover about how these themes show up in your life. Sign up today!