How-To Yoga Videos

Supine Hero Pose

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  1. Create a vertical support for the spine and head using a bolster and three blankets
  2. The blankets are folded vertically with two blankets placed in a graduated “staircase” along the bolster and the third placed across the top in a horizontal orientation to support the head
  3. Sit in front of the base of the bolster and bring the legs into Virasana
  4. Make sure that the thighs are parallel and the knees no wider than hip distance
  5. Lie back on the bolster set-up, making sure the front edge of the bolster is against the sacrum and the head is supported so that the chin is not higher than the forehead
  6. Direct the tailbone and the flesh of the buttocks towards the knees
  7. Soften the front ribs
  8. Place the arms by the sides and turn the palms to face the ceiling
  9. Hold for anywhere from 1-10 minute