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Inversion Yoga Poses

This Sequence Will Help You Practice Inversions Safely

Inversions can often feel like a final frontier in yoga. When you’re a beginner, there’s a good chance you look at the yogis popping up into Handstand effortlessly or holding Headstand perfectly still with admiration and awe. Then, at a certain point, you likely toy with trying inversions yourself, despite how scary they may seem.

If you’re in the latter camp—or you’re a practitioner looking for more stable inversions—here’s a little secret, says Jolie Manza, an international yoga teacher and movement professional in Bali, Indonesia: A successful inversion is only successful when you learn how to use your entire body for support. This 60-minute practice shows you how to develop stronger arms, deep belly awareness, and length in your hamstrings to help you feel more confident, strong, and stable when you go upside down.

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About the Author

Jolie Manza is an international yoga teacher and movement professional in Bali. She’s the founder of YogaKoh, a school specializing in teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops worldwide. Learn more at