How-To Yoga Videos

Upward Bow Pose

  1. Begin on the back with the knees bent and the feet planted beneath the knees
  2. Place the feet hips distance apart and parallel, with the knees also hips distance apart
  3. Take the hands back and place them on either side of the ears with the fingers pointing towards the shoulders
  4. Without letting the feet or the knees splay apart, take an inhale, then use an exhale to lift up part way and lower on to the crown of the head
  5. On the crown of the head, pin the elbows into the midline, draw the upper arms into socket, and coil the thoracic spine to bring more movement into the upper back
  6. Maintaining all these actions, with the next inhale press down with the hands and feet and lift into the pose
  7. Work the arms as straight as possible, but keep at least a slight bend in the knees
  8. Make sure the feet have not turned out and root down with the big toe mounds
  9. Spin the inner thighs to the floor and direct the flesh of the buttocks towards the backs of the knees
  10. Let the head hang freely and lift the sternum in the direction you are facing while directing the tailbone towards the feet
  11. To deepen, walk the feet closer to the hands, keeping the forearms and shin perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other
  12. Hold for 5-10 breaths, walk the feet out if they had moved in) then lower directly to the floor (without stopping on the crown