How-To Yoga Videos

Upward Facing Dog Pose

  1. Begin on belly with feet hips distance apart and hands placed beside lower ribs
  2. Extend big toes straight back and press down with all ten toenails to activate quadriceps
  3. Spin inner thighs to the ceiling (to broaden the lower back) while firming outer ankles into the midline (to prevent feet from sickling)
  4. Press down with hands and feet, and use an inhale to straighten arms and lift legs
  5. Stack shoulders directly over wrists –adjust feet to ensure this relationship
  6. With arms perpendicular to the floor, feet anchored and legs active, draw the chest forward and up
  7. Pull out of the lower back and into the upper back
  8. Draw the shoulders back while rooting down through the inner hand
  9. Once the thoracic spine is mobilized, raise the gaze
  10. Curve of the neck is a continuation of the curve of the mid and upper back
  11. Hold for 5 breaths then release