How-To Yoga Videos

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend Pose

  1. Begin facing the long side of the mat, arms stretched out to the sides with the feet parallel to each other and beneath the wrists
  2. Once the stance has been established, take the hands to the hips
  3. Press down with the big toe mounds while pulling up with the inner arches
  4. Engage the quadriceps without locking the knees
  5. Use an inhale to lengthen the spine, then on an exhale begin to hinge at the hips bringing the torso forward and down
  6. Initiate the forward fold by tilting the pelvis forward; the movement is in the hips and the spine remains straight in the early stages
  7. Place the hands on the floor between the feet; hands should be shoulder-distance apart and fingertips in line with the toes
  8. Inhale, reach the chest forward and up to lengthen the front body; exhale fold forward and direct the crown of the head towards the floor
  9. With the head hanging, adjust the hands back so the elbows stack over the wrists and draw the shoulders away from the floor
  10. Continue to engage the quadriceps to facilitate the lengthening of the hamstrings
  11. Keep the weight evenly distributed through the feet; the tendency is to be too far back in the heels so consider bringing more weight into the front foot so the hips stack over the heels
  12. Hold for 5-10 breaths, then use an inhale to come up part way; place the hands on the hips, root down firmly with the feet and use the strength of the legs to return to an upright position