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Wild Thing Pose Cues

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  1. Begin in Downward Facing Dog, then step the feet an inch closer together
  2. Root down through the whole of each hand, sending the shoulders back and up and lengthening the spine and waist
  3. Press down with the big toe mounds while lifting the inner arches
  4. Inhale rock forward to Plank; exhale come onto the outer left foot and left hand, stacking the ankles and taking the right arm towards the ceiling
  5. In Vashistasana, reach for the floor with the left big toe mound to engage the left outer hip, lifting it away from the floor
  6. Push the floor away with the left hand and reach vigorously through the right hand to broaden across the collarbones
  7. Inhale here, then exhale, step the right toes to the floor behind the left leg, with the right knee bent
  8. Continue to push the floor away with the left hand so that left shoulder stays back from the wrist, then sweep the right hand past the ear, palm down
  9. Recommit to plugging into the floor with the left big toe mound to lift the hips
  10. Move the shoulder blades in and up to open the chest from behind
  11. Lift the thoracic spine towards the sternum and then allow the head to drop back, making sure that the curve of the neck is a continuation of the curve of the upper back
  12. Hold for 5 breaths then return to Downward-facing and repeat on the other side