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Yoga for Back Health: 3 Variations of Plank Pose to Strengthen Your Core

Got back pain? Want to find relief and begin the healing process? Join Alison West, PhD, C-IYAT, E-RYT, for her new online course, Yoga for Back Health: A 6-Week Clinic for Mobility, Strength, & Pain Relief. This workshop dives into anatomy and asana practices to help you better understand: the structure of the spine; how to evaluate your posture and identify movement patterns; the impact of injuries and conditions, such as herniations, hyperkyphosis, and hyperlordosis; and how to work with those issues through safe yoga sequences, poses, and breathwork. Sign up today!

Your lower back won’t hesitate to speak up when you’re slacking in the posture—or core—department. One way to combat pain and discomfort and build support is to work on strengthening your lower abdomen. Luckily, whether you require gentle exercise or can summit something a bit more challenging, there is a way to accomplish this, even if you are dealing with a back injury or condition. Here, yoga therapist Alison West shares three powerful Plank Pose variations.