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Yoga for Women’s Health: The Best Pose & Acupressure Point to Beat Fatigue & PMS

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Feeling on edge, in pain, or out of sync during your period? Dealing with PMS symptoms like dramatic mood swings, cramps, or insomnia? Trying to conceive—or avoid pregnancy? Join Maria Villella, E-RYT, LAc, and co-owner of Elysia Life Care, for Yoga for Women’s Health, a 6-week online course that will dive into the physiology of your reproductive cycle—from both the medical science and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives—along with yoga practices, acupressure meditations, meal plans, and more, tailored to the phases of your cycle, to help you feel your best every day of the month. Learn more or sign up today!

Feeling drained in the days leading up to your period? You aren’t alone. Up to 90 percent of all menstruating women have experienced symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. It all comes down to basic physiology: In the two weeks leading up to your period, your hormone levels rise in preparation for fertilization—and then plunge when it doesn’t happen. This dramatic shift can affect your vitality. 

The good news: Just because fatigue is part of your cycle’s MO doesn’t mean you’re resigned to monthly bouts of bed rest—or caffeine binges, which can worsen PMS symptoms. Here, yoga teacher and licensed acupuncturist Maria Villella, who leads our online course, Yoga for Women’s Health: On the Path Toward Hormonal Balance and Bliss, shares the best yoga pose and acupressure point to boost energy during that time of the month.

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About our expert, Maria Villella

Maria Villella, LAc, Dipl OM, E-RYT 500, is a vinyasa and Ashtanga teacher and teacher trainer who has studied yoga with Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and other notable yoga teachers around the world. She taught Mysore at YogaWorks Santa Monica for 6 years. In addition, Maria is co-founder of Elysia Life Care wellness center in Santa Monica, CA, a licensed acupuncturist and fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine specializing in women’s health. What makes Maria unique is her vast knowledge, education, and experience in yoga, meditation, and treating patients clinically using acupuncture, herbs, diet, functional medicine to achieve life-changing results. Maria continues to study from prominent researchers in the fields of yoga, women’s health, functional medicine.