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Sequencing 101: The Breath Pattern that Lays the Foundation for Smarter Sequencing

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Yoga Journal’s new online course, Sequencing 101 with Natasha Rizopoulos, will take your vinyasa practice and teaching to the next level. You’ll crack the code on structuring classes that safely, logically, and energetically build to peak poses (and Savasana). And you’ll develop the strength and awareness you need to truly access the physical and mental benefits of asana. Sign up today for a six-week exploration of Natasha’s unique alignment-focused sequencing method, including challenging practices that will deepen your knowledge of yoga and a fresh perspective on how and why asana is a true tool for transformation.

A well-sequenced asana class leaves you feeling grounded, calm, and more able to truly drop into Savasana (Corpse Pose). You might think that sequencing magic starts with your warm-up poses; but it really starts with your breath—with inhalations that initiate expansion in your diaphragm, and exhalations that foster a letting go, along with a downward movement of your tailbone and a lift in your lower belly. This pattern of breathing will help you craft non-injurious, anatomically beneficial sequences and support you in every pose.