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YOGA SHRED: Fists of Fire Lunge

This Shred lunging move will help you strengthen all your standing postures in yoga.

Hint: Lightly place your hand on the wall or back of a chair for stability on the same side as your front leg.

As in a yoga asana lunge, Maintain your front knee over or behind your front heel at all times — never in front of it. This will ease knee pressure.

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Step back as little or as far as you need to to begin, and over time, work up to the full starting position I show in the video. Stepping closer is fine — just remember to move quickly and decisively. As you bring your back knee to your chest, use your psoas to pull your front pelvis and front spine into your body a bit so your hips don’t kick forward.

Press down into your front heel as you pull knee to chest. This is the main activator for the pose, and will tone your back leg and glutes. The back leg will tone quadriceps, psoas and iliacus, and abs. 

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