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YOGA SHRED: Full Diabloasana / Knees Down Diabloasana

Diabloasana will help build support for all of your arm balances and Plank Poses. It also works to activate the psoas

Hint: There are two versions of this arm and deep core-strengthening pose: knees up or knees down. Have a blanket handy if your knees will be on the floor. 

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For this pose, maintain a Plank position and don’t let your shoulders or low back sag. Pull up your navel, abdominal wall and front spine to keep a long line and protect your joints. With your hands planted firmly and your feet separated a few inches, begin to turn your heels from side to side. Rest whenever you need, and if your wrists tend to get sore, roll up your mat or put a foam wedge or blanket edge at the front of your mat under your palms. Elevate the heels of your hands with your prop and keep your fingertips on the floor. 

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