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Yoga + Weights: Build Whole-Body Strength in Warrior III

Work your triceps and strengthen your core with this amplified Warrior III. Here, Danielle Diamond of Xen Strength demos step-by-step how to up the ante in asana. Adding weights to your Warriors? Share it #newyearnewyoga.

This pose works all the major muscle groups, especially your quads, core, and triceps. Standing in correct alignment for Warrior III pose, extend your arms back behind you, with your palms facing in toward each other until your arms are straight and the weights are in line with your hips. Keep your back straight and pull your navel in and up. Keep your hips square to the mat. Roll your left thigh in and up toward the ceiling in line with your hip and ground your right foot.

warrior iii graphic

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Danielle Diamond stumbled upon yoga as a producer at MTV, and has been practicing and teaching for 20 years. After turning 40 she realized her regular practice wasn’t cutting it so she added light weights to her flow and Xen Strength was born. “I’m not promising enlightenment here, I meditate for that,” she says.


Danielle teaches at A-list wellness events hosted by Wellthily, Gurney’s Inn and Yoga Journal; and trains yogis around the world to teach Xen Strength through her teacher training. Danielle believes that living her yoga off the mat is the sole reason she’s overcome her biggest challenges, like her mother’s suicide, and can now focus on peace, happiness and teaching others to do the same.