20-Minute Strength & Stability Yoga Flow with Savasana - Yoga Journal

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Yoga poses that help open your chest

Video: Work Strength + Stability for Wild Thing

Amy Ippoliti's sequence stabilizes your base and strengthens your arms, helping you to expand ecstatically into Wild Thing.

Go With The Flow + Psoas Power Tutorial

VIDEO: Go With the Flow + Rejuvenate Your Psoas

Discover what the Psoas can do for you. Revolutionize your flexibility, amplify your core strength and protect yourself from wear and tear on your hip and low back joints.

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Build Stability in Standing Poses

This video teaches you to develop strength in your standing poses you'll feel throughout your practice.

hands-free flow

Hands-Free Flow

Leslie Kaminoff designed this hands-free Warrior flow video for people with wrist, shoulder, and neck pain.

Waving Salutations + Psoas Power Practice

Waving Salutations + Psoas Power Practice

Put your Psoas Power into practice on the mat with Sadie’s mindful, flowing and whole-body strengthening Sun Salutation variation.

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5-Minute Grounding Meditation for Beginners

Try this simple meditation with Nadia Narain of London's TriYoga to focus on the breath and settle the mind.

My Body Don’t Bend That Way

A 20-Minute Sequence to Feel Good in YOUR Body

Yoga therapist Marsha Banks-Harold teaches an asana practice that will help you feel gratitude for your one precious life.

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Yoga + Weights: Challenge Your Strength in Goddess Pose

Take Goddess Pose to the next level by incorporating weights. This pose will work your entire body with only a few reps.