The Yoga of Smartphones: How to Avoid “Tech Neck”

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While you can’t spend all day doing yoga, you can become more conscious about how you use your smartphone and laptop to reduce their impact on your body.

While, sigh, you can’t spend all day doing yoga, you can become more conscious about how you use technology to reduce its impact on your body (we know you know the shoulder hunch and neck knots we're talking about). They aren’t just uncomfortable, they also carry an orthopedic risk. In a workshop at Yoga Journal LIVE! San Diego, Amy Ippoliti offered a few suggestions:

  • holding your mobile at eye level
  • using a voice-texting assistant
  • trying good old-fashioned phone call instead of typing all the time.

Stuck at your laptop for hours on end? Roll your shoulders, move your neck left to right for a simple stretch.

Now try Amy’s sequence: 4 Smartphone Counterposes

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