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Work into Bow Pose, an advanced backbend with these tips from Anusara Yoga certified instructor Sarah Faircloth.


Core Yoga to Boost Your Metabolism + Energize Your Body

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eight angle pose prep, astavakrasana

Find Perfect Posture in Eight Angle Pose

Christy Evans shows how to safely enter the advanced arm balance, Eight Angle Pose (Ashtavakrasana).


Scorpion Pose: Replacement for Headstand if You Have a Neck Injury

Try Dharma Mittra's tutorial on Scorpion Pose, an arm balance that gives you the same benefits as Headstand Pose but protects your neck and shoulders if you have a neck injury.


Find Deeper Flexibility in Hip Openers

Increase your range of motion in your hips and thighs with these yoga stretches and hip openers from Core Fusion's Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito.


Flow + Tips to Strengthen Thighs and Hamstrings

Try this yoga video to strengthen and lengthen your thighs and hamstrings from Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito at Core Fusion, Exhale Spa.


The Pretzel Exercise for Glutes + Core

Try this yoga video to stregthen your glutes and core, and open your hips from Core Fusion and Exhale Spa's Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito.