Testimonial: How Business of Yoga Changed My Life

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WATCH IT: The Business of Yoga course helped this yoga teacher find a network and effectively market her yoga retreats.

If you own a yoga business, or want to start one, you know it's tough to find the right training programs to get it off the ground. Luckily, we have you covered. The Business of Yoga, presented by Yoga Journal, is an online training course leading to an in-person event, and is designed to help teachers and studio owners navigate every aspect of their business. You'll learn to prioritize projects appropriately to grow your business, and get tangible tools — designed for teachers — that you can implement in your every day business operations.

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Want more? Check out these quick tips to get a taste of what you'll learn in Business of Yoga:

5 Ways to Build Lasting Business Partnerships

How to Name Your Yoga Business

10 Essential Tips for Better Yoga Business Contracts

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