Reverse Zoom Fatigue With a Revitalizing Chair Yoga Practice

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It wasn’t that many months into the pandemic when “Zoom fatigue” became a mainstay in the 2020 lexicon. It turns out that conducting hours of meetings through video conferencing platforms is physically and energetically draining. And though you may be practicing ahimsa (non-harm) and turning webcam conversations into emails, on some days you may need a little support. 

Here, Jivana Heyman—founder and director of the international nonprofit Accessible Yoga and leader of YJ’s upcoming course, Chair Yoga 101—offers a holistic chair yoga practice that will refresh your body, mind, and spirit. This potent practice includes gentle movements and self-massage that will rest your eyes, relieve tension your face, jaw, and neck, and restore your sense of embodiment and presence. Plus, it only takes 10 minutes, so it fits into even the most hectically scheduled calendars. 

Want to learn how to build a potent yoga practice that is accessible to all? Join Chair Yoga 101, our five-week workshop led by Accessible Yoga founder Jivana Heyman. You'll explore safe, effective chair adaptations of yoga asana, along with meditation and pranayama. Sign up today!

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