Liz Arch's Mantra for Courage in Challenge Poses and in Life

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Revolutionize your inversion and arm balance practice with yoga teacher, martial artist, and Primal Yoga creator Liz Arch’s fresh, fear-crushing approach. Sign up now for her 6-week interactive Challenge Posescourse to start checking asana goals off your list!

Primal Yoga creator Liz Arch knows a thing or two about fear. Here, she shares that the physical effects of stress—elevated heart rate and respiration—are almost identical to the physical effects of courage and invites us to flip the script when faced with challenges on or off the mat. Try this mantra meditation to face any fear with courage.

Plus, soar into inversions and arm balances with Liz in person at Yoga Journal LIVE Florida on Sunday, November 13. Get your ticket now!

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