Corpse Pose (Chaturanga Savasana)

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  1. Come on to the back in a supine position
  2. Separate the feet as wide as the mat, allowing the legs to fall open
  3. Turn the palms to face the ceiling and locate the arms just far enough from the body so that they do not touch the torso
  4. Scan the body to notice if there are any asymmetries
  5. Are there small adjustments to be made with the limbs so that the body feels even from side to side?
  6. Are there small adjustments to be made with the placement of the head or pelvis so that the body feels centered?
  7. Let the eyes to close and imagine them dropping back deeply into the sockets
  8. Allow the muscles and bones to become heavy
  9. Notice if there are places that still hold up or hold on –use exhales to invite in a quality of release
  10. Gradually let the breath become softer, quieter, more internal
  11. Continue to follow the breath so that the mind too becomes softer and quieter
  12. Rest deeply, without sleeping
  13. Savasana can be held for anywhere from a few to many minutes; a good rule of thumb is 5 minutes of Savasana for every one hour of asana

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