CranCrane (Crow) Pose (Bakasana)

Video Duration:
  1. Begin in a squat with the feet together and the knees wide apart
  2. Tilt the torso forward so that the shoulders fit between the knees
  3. Grip the outer shoulders with the knees and place the palms together in front of the sternum
  4. Extend the sternum away from the navel while descending the tailbone towards the floor
  5. Place the hands on the floor shoulder distance apart and 6-8 inches ahead of the feet
  6. Come high on the toes and shift forward until the elbows stack over the wrists
  7. Continuing to reach the chest forward, lift the heels towards the buttocks
  8. Roll the heads of the upper arms back and up away from the floor
  9. Knees can either grip the outer shoulders or balance on the triceps
  10. Press the arms as straight as possible while bringing the feet and buttocks towards each other
  11. Hold for 5-10 breaths and then either release the feet to the floor or exit into Chaturanga

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