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Dharma Mittra's Practice to Develop Mindful Perception

Sri Dharma Mittra's brief spiritual overview on developing consciousness and being mindful of your perception.


Scorpion Pose: Replacement for Headstand if You Have a Neck Injury

Try Dharma Mittra's tutorial on Scorpion Pose, an arm balance that gives you the same benefits as Headstand Pose but protects your neck and shoulders if you have a neck injury.


Watch + Learn: Relaxing Breathing Technique for Anxiety

Try this breathing technique from Sigrid Matthews to deal with stress, anxiety, and calm your nerves to find relaxation.

liz arch yoga meditation

Liz Arch's Mantra for Courage in Challenge Poses and in Life

The mantra "I am courageous" will prepare your body for advanced challenge poses.

liz arch yoga

Liz Arch's Meditation to Prepare Body + Mind for Challenge Poses

Liz Arch says taking some time to ground both body and mind can help us take flight. Try her 1-minute meditation to prep for arm balances and inversions.

eight angle pose prep, astavakrasana

Find Perfect Posture in Eight Angle Pose

Christy Evans shows how to safely enter the advanced arm balance, Eight Angle Pose (Ashtavakrasana).

kino macgregor yoga pro wheel

Kino MacGregor's Pre-Practice Core Work with the Yoga Pro Wheel

Kino MacGregor shows you how to use the Yoga Pro Wheel to activate your core before your practice

handstand warmup, kino and kerri

Warm Up for Handstand with Kino MacGregor & Kerri Verna

Warm up your hands, fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, and upper back for Handstand in 5 minutes with this series of drills from OmStars' Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna.