Extended Hand Pose Cues

Video Duration:
  1. Practice Tadasanaactions and alignment, then raise the arms overhead with the hands shoulder-distance apart and palms facing each other
  2. Notice if when lifted the arms, the front ribs flared; if so, descend them towards the frontal hipbones
  3. Spin the biceps back while firming the triceps into the midline –OR –
  4. Roll the inner upper arms towards the wall behind you while engaging the outer upper arms
  5. Allow the shoulder blades to spin out and up away from the spine and towards the outer armpits (upward rotation) in order to maintain the articulation of the bones of the shoulder and spaciousness at the base of the neck
  6. Draw the upper arms back and in line with the ears, but only to the extent you can do so without the front ribs protruding (this is a sign that you are moving the spine instead of opening the shoulders)
  7. If able to keep the arms straight, reach up and touch palms, gazing into thumbs
  8. Hold for 5-10 breaths then release

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