Roll Out Tight Lats with This Quick Self-Myofascial Release Technique

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Myofascial release offers the same benefits of stretching—without the risks of overstretching and damaging the joints. Want to learn more? Join Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT, founder of, for Fascial Release for Yoga. In this six-week course, you’ll learn how to use self-myofascial release techniques with foam rollers, balls, and DIY props to support your practice, fix stiff spots, unwind adhesions or scar tissue, tune up your nervous system, and so much more. Sign up today!

Every time you reach your arms overhead, you can thank the latissimus dorsi, muscles that connect your upper arms to lower back. While raising your arms may not seem like a big deal, tight lats could make your aspects of the practice unnecessarily challenging—and at worst, cause injury. Here, Ariele Foster, PT, DPT, E-RYT and teacher of YJ’s Fascia Release for Yoga online course, shares with you a simple foam-rolling technique that will promote mobility in the upper body and facilitate a stronger, more integrated movement patterns in the shoulder, core, and low back. The results? Instant liberation in your Down Dog, Sun Salutes, and other arms-overhead asana. 

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