Focused Vinyasa: A Stronger (and Easier!) Way to Float Into Forearm Balance

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Too intimidated to make Forearm Balance part of your practice? Irene Pappas has a drill to get you there. Inversions take focused practice, she says. And drills like this one helped her get stronger and more flexible than the typical vinyasa class alone could. Practice this drill to build the strength in your shoulders and flexibility in your hamstrings, so you can float effortlessly up into the pose. 

Want to up-level your flow? In Focused Vinyasa: 11 Fresh Sequences and Drills to Advance Your Practice, Irene Pappas, cofounder of Bodhi Yoga Boulder, hits pause at key teaching moments in your vinyasa to break challenging poses down into moves you can practice and master. Learn more and sign up today!

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