YOGA SHRED: Go With the Flow + Power Up Your Psoas

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Discover what the Psoas can do for you. Revolutionize your flexibility, amplify your core strength, and protect your hip and low back from wear and tear.

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Sadie Nardini

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Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, a real-world blend of anatomy, physics, biomechanics, and muscle meridian activation to give you more results and less strain from the time spent on your mat—for any and all styles of yoga! 

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Waving Salutations + Psoas Power Practice

Waving Salutations + Psoas Power Practice

Put your Psoas Power into practice on the mat with Sadie’s mindful, flowing and whole-body strengthening Sun Salutation variation.

Psoas Stretch Cool Down

The Yoga Sequence to Cool Down and Release Your Psoas

Sadie Nardini's sequence to counter-stretch and focus on the core muscle meridian that runs through your whole body, including the deep psoas.

YOGA SHRED: Full Diabloasana / Knees Down Diabloasana

YOGA SHRED: Full Diabloasana / Knees Down Diabloasana

Diabloasana will help build support for all of your arm balances and Plank Poses. It also works to activate the psoas.

YOGA SHRED: Side Plank Curls

YOGA SHRED: Side Plank Curls to Prep for Arm Balances

This is a more advanced pose that super-tones your arms, shoulders, side abs and psoas. It can help you achieve Side Plank, Half Moon Pose, Side Crow, and other lateral-based arm balancing yoga poses more effortlessly.

YOGA SHRED: Fists of Fire Lunge

YOGA SHRED: Fists of Fire Lunge

This Shred lunging move will help you strengthen all your standing postures in yoga.

Parsva Tadasana (Sidebending Mountain Pose)

Sadie Nardini’s 5-Minute Psoas Power Flow

Strengthen your psoas and deep core with this empowering flow, and you'll dissolve tension in your shoulders, neck, and jaw.

Tadasana (mountain pose)

Sadie Nardini’s Rock Your Psoas Tutorial

Your psoas is the key to flexibility and strength in yoga. Sadie Nardini gives you the 101 on everything psoas.

tree pose with weights

Yoga + Weights: Strengthen Your Core in Tree Pose

Adding weights to your Tree Pose will not only challenge your balance but engage your core and tone your arms.