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Tracee Stanley Meditation

Tracee Stanley's Still Lake Meditation Will Steady Your Mind

Dissolve thoughts with this 10-minute practice.

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A 5-Minute Meditation To Relieve Financial Stress

If you're feeling tension in your body from the financial stresses in your life, this guided meditation will help.


Slow Flow: Learn to Live from Love with a Brahma Vihara

Take a few minutes to dedicate each practice to love and watch what begins to shift.

A Short Meditation Practice with Jana Long

A Short Meditation Practice with Jana Long

Follow your Savasana with a short 8-minute meditation from Jana Long, increasing the duration over time.

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A Kundalini Meditation for More Confidence

Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a meditation using mahan gyan mudra to help you gain more confidence and maybe even feel "saintly."

guru jagat meditation, easy seat pose, sukhasana

A Self-Love Meditation to Let Go of Intense Emotions

Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat guides us through a sweet and powerful mantra meditation to let go of heavy emotions, get out of our headspace, and find self-love.

detox meditation

Try This Calming Meditation the Next Time You Need a Detox

Yoga and meditation teacher Chelsey Korus shares a simple detox meditation that can be done anytime, anywhere, with your next cup of tea.

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Slow Down the Space Between Breaths

Learn about the power of pausing with the Introduction to the Space Between the Breaths Meditation.