Science Says Your Gut Is Key to Mental Clarity—This Is Why

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Craving change but feeling too stuck, sluggish, or restless to take aim? Join John Douillard, founder of, and Larissa Hall Carlson, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, for Ayurveda 201: Six Weeks to Transformation and Bliss Through Ayurvedic Psychology. In this new online course, you’ll experience: unique yoga practices; inspiring discussions backed by science; and recipes, herbs, and a short, gentle cleanse. The results? Clarity, brilliance, and balance so you can create lasting shifts in your life and well-being. Learn more and sign up today!

If you've ever heard a yoga teacher say that emotions are "stored" in the body, you may have written it off as pseudoscience. But not so fast... Here, global Ayurveda expert John Douillard, who co-teaches our new online course, Ayurveda 201, with Larissa Hall Carlson, breaks down research on the mind-body connection and how you can let go of baggage that's weighing you down. 

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