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  1. Begin in Dandasana, pressing forward with the big toe mounds, spinning the inner thighs down and rooting down with the femurs
  2. Use the foot and leg actions to get directly on top of the sitting bones, rather than falling behind them
  3. Move the sacrum in and up towards the navel and extend the sternum away from the navel to lengthen the front body
  4. Bending the right knee, place the sole of the right foot high on the left inner thigh
  5. Inhale, lengthen the spine; exhale, take the right hand to the outside of the left thigh and the left hand behind the left hip and twist the torso to the left so that the navel faces the left kneecap
  6. Inhale here, then, maintaining the rotation and the length of the torso, exhale and extend out over the left leg
  7. Reach the hands around the left foot, clasping the left wrist with the right hand
  8. Inhale, reach the sternum forward and up to lengthen the front body; exhale, revolve the right ribs towards the left knee and fold forward any amount more
  9. Take the gaze to the left shin, keeping the two sides of the neck equally long; the rotation is in the mid and upper back, not in the neck
  10. With each inhale lengthen the front body any amount, extending the sternum away from the navel; with each exhale lengthen the back body any amount, releasing a little more deeply over the left leg
  11. Hold for anywhere from 10 breaths to 1 minute, then use an inhale to come up part way, lifting the chest and straightening the arms
  12. Stay to exhale, rooting down with the left thigh; then use an inhale to raise the torso all the way
  13. Straighten the right leg and switch sides

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