Live Be Yoga: Inside the 'Peace House' That Is Healing a Chicago Neighborhood Traumatized by Violence

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Live Be Yoga ambassadors Jeremy Falk and Aris Seaberg are on a road trip across the country to share real talk with master teachers, explore innovative classes, and so much more—all to illuminate what's in store for the future of yoga. Want more from Live Be Yoga? Follow the tour and get the latest stories @livebeyoga on Instagram and Facebook.

Rooted in Englewood, one of the Windy City's most violent neighborhoods, I Grow Chicago has a mission to plant the seeds for a connected, engaged, and empowered community. The four-year-old organization aims to promote longterm support, healing, and camaraderie to residents—children, their caregivers, teens, adults, and even local police force—through mentorship, skill-building, restorative justice, yoga and mindfulness practices, urban farming, and more. Here, Jeremy and Aris visit the organization's Peace House campus to speak to founder and president Robbin Carroll and co-executive directors Quentin Mables and Erin Vogel to get an inside look at how this local organization is building trust within the community. 

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