Kerri Verna's Quick Core Practice

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Work your core, arms, and back in under 10 minutes with Kerri Verna's quick core practice.

Want more? Contribute to the OmStars Kickstarter to support this new online yoga channel founded by yogi best friends Kerri and Kino. OmStars authentically integrates the traditional yoga experience into modern life. Taking you beyond the poses, OmStars is a library of yogic resources. From Sanskrit courses to healthy recipes, to a behind the scenes look into a busy mom’s practice, the platform helps guide you on your journey, so you can create your best Yogi Life.

About Our Pro
Kerri Verna, better known as @beachyogagirl, believes that everyone has the power to change their life. She has made it her life’s mission to share that possibility with the world. Kerri has been teaching yoga for 15 years and is a powerful messenger of the power of the path of yoga. At age 27, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and two herniated discs in her back. Using yoga she was able to connect to the divine light and overcome the constant pain and struggle of her physical limitations. Through yoga, Kerri was able to avoid back surgery and continues to help people all over the world whose lives have been riddled with chronic pain.

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