Master Class: Make Space in the Lower Spine, Hips, and Knees in Marichyasana III

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Yoga Journal’s new Master Class program brings you the wisdom of nine world-renowned teachers through a new online workshop and live lesson every six weeks. In Carrie Owerko's Iyengar Yoga Fundamentals session, you will learn how to make space in your poses through innovative variations and use of props. The results: More expansive asana, a deeper understanding of your body, and a more playful practice. Ready for a life-changing year? Start today!

Running into roadblocks when you wind up in Marichi's Pose, even when you're all warmed up? Senior Intermediate Iyengar teacher Carrie Owerko offers two Iyengar variations you can try to lead up to this twist, which will reduce compression in the lower spine and congestion in the hips. The results? A lasting imprint so your body begins to understand how to make more space as you rotate. You'll need a wall, a chair, a strap, a block, and a blanket.

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