Master Class: Rodney Yee’s 3-Step Pranayama Technique for Stillness and Peace

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It may be news to you when you’re worked up over stress or lack of sleep, but, like a hurricane, there’s an innate calm in the eye of even the most frenzied being. So, what helps you dive through those waves of emotional states and find peace? Iconic yoga teacher and Yoga Journal Master Class mentor Rodney Yee says that the foundations of pranayama are relaxing your body and focusing your mind so that you get out of the way and become receptive to the breath. Here, he offers a simple three-part practice to find the doorway to your internal sanctuary.

Want to learn the fundamentals of pranayama so you can design a profound daily practice that will enrich your life? In Rodney Yee’s online Master Class workshop, you’ll discover that pranayama is so much more than breath control. He’ll teach you six practices and techniques along with their benefits, so you can let go and optimize absorption of prana (life force)—bringing you more peace and a better understanding of who you are. Plus, when you register, you automatically access 8 additional online workshops from master teachers. Sign up today! 

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