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Meditation for Peace

Feeling Scattered? This Meditation Practice Will Bring More Peace Into Your Life

Do this practice when you want to come back to your true self.

A Short Meditation Practice with Jana Long

A Short Meditation Practice with Jana Long

Follow your Savasana with a short 8-minute meditation from Jana Long, increasing the duration over time.

meditation for financial stress

A 5-Minute Meditation To Relieve Financial Stress

If you're feeling tension in your body from the financial stresses in your life, this guided meditation will help.


A Meditation for Finding Inner Balance

This 10-minute Kundalini practice can help you stay aligned with your intuition as you navigate the world.

Chelsea Jackson Roberts Shares Her Personal Yoga Story

A Meditation for Peace with Chelsea Jackson-Roberts

Let Chelsea Jackson Roberts guide you into presence and peace in this 10-minute meditation.

Meditation to release anxiety

A 5-Minute Meditation to Release Anxiety

Detach from anxiety and come back to the present.


Connect to Your Center: Great Heart Meditation

Be guided through a simple practice of surrender and connection with this Introduction to the Great Heart Meditation.

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Recognize Your Strength with this 10-Minute Guided Meditation

Celebrate your strength with this self-love meditation.