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Kundalini Yoga: Deep Meditation for Positive Transformation

Practice this Kundalini Yoga series to find balance in both breath and body, and to energize and prepare you for positive transformation.

Tracee Stanley Meditation

Tracee Stanley's Still Lake Meditation Will Steady Your Mind

Dissolve thoughts with this 10-minute practice.

guru jagat, easy seat pose, sukhasana

Let Go of Stress: A Kundalini Meditation with Sitali Pranayama

Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat shares a meditation using sitali pranayama to help let go of the daily stresses of life.

twisting yoga poses

Pre-Meditation Hip Openers

This 5-minute video takes us through gentle hip openers to prepare the body to sit in meditation.

supine leg lift

Prep Your Body for Meditation

This 5-minute video sequence of supine poses will get you ready to sit in meditation.


Watch + Learn: Relaxing Breathing Technique for Anxiety

Try this breathing technique from Sigrid Matthews to deal with stress, anxiety, and calm your nerves to find relaxation.


Dharma Mittra's Practice to Develop Mindful Perception

Sri Dharma Mittra's brief spiritual overview on developing consciousness and being mindful of your perception.

guru jagat meditation, easy seat pose, sukhasana

A Self-Love Meditation to Let Go of Intense Emotions

Senior Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat guides us through a sweet and powerful mantra meditation to let go of heavy emotions, get out of our headspace, and find self-love.