The Natural Gourmet: Post-Yoga Plum-Rooibos Shake

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This easy, healthy plum-rooibos smoothie from Natural Gourmet Institute not only makes a refreshing breakfast but also a perfect post-yoga shake, thanks to rooibos's muscle soreness–relieving benefits and the oats' energy-boosting B vitamins.


  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 large, ripe pitted plums
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1 Tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tsp ground rooibos tea
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom
  • 2 pitted dates


Add all ingredients to blender and blend on high until smooth.

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Video production by Eunice Lee, Natural Gourmet Institute

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