10 Remarkable Yoga Service Organizations

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We launched a social campaign and asked for your help in nominating organizations with a track record of successfully integrating yoga into local communities as a tool for health and happiness. Thanks to all of you who answered the call! It was inspiring to learn more about the expanding role of yoga service. To determine our 10 finalists, we relied on the expertise of partners from the Yoga Service Council, Give Back Yoga Foundation, Yoga Alliance, and Lululemon’s social impact program Here to Be. Together they chose 10 exemplary organizations that are making bold strides in their communities.

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Thanks to a generous grant from Lululemon and Here to Be, all 2018 Good Karma Award winners went to the annual Yoga Service Conference at Omega Institute in May, and $10,000 went to ACT Yoga, an organization founded by a former inmate who began practicing and teaching yoga while incarcerated. He now works tirelessly to bring the benefits of yoga to underserved communities throughout Chicago.

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