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An Asana Practice to Cultivate Patience

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"There are so many things in our lives that require us to be in action, to push forward, to respond really really quickly, but I find these asana, combined with a very mindful movement of breath, give me the ability to feel still, to feel grounded, and to allow patience to surface in every aspect of my life," says yoga and meditation teacher and studio owner Faith Hunter. Her 30-minute gentle asana and pranayama practice will hep you burn off some energy, take a moment of pause, and feel calm. 

Learn more about Faith's regular yoga and meditations offerings at and on Instagram: @spirituallyfly and @embraceyogadc.

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This video is part of Yoga Journal's National Yoga Month 30-Day calendar of classes to help you recommit to your practice. See the full schedule, and how to enter to win a mat and free online yoga training, here.

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