Goddess Yoga Project: Sianna Sherman's Personal Durga Story

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Sianna Sherman is on a quest to help every woman discover her inner deity. Deepen your physical, mental, and spiritual practice with knowledge of mythic feminine power in Sianna‚Äôs four-session Goddess Yoga Project online course. Sign up now to join @yogajournal and @siannasherman using #YJGoddessProject to create an inspiring female collective, sharing experiences in real time.

Does even the thought of public speaking make your heart race and your face flush? It's hard to believe, but world-traveling master yoga teacher Sianna Sherman says she used to be practically paralyzed by a fear of speaking in front of groups. Watch the video to hear her personal story about how developing a relationship with the goddess Durga helped her overcome fear and find courage to express her true Self fully.

Sign up now and join @yogajournal and @siannasherman using #YJGoddessProject to create an inspiring female collective, sharing experiences in real time.

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