This Lunging Drill Will Power Up Your Practice

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Get ready to generate some serious power! In this drill, Derrick “DJ” Townsel—yoga teacher, personal trainer, and former NFL athlete—will lead you through a 7-minute series of lunges that will build muscle in your legs and challenge your balance and control. (It's a sneak peek from his six-week program with YJ, Yoga for Strength & Flexibility.) You’ll start slow with pulsating lunges, but don’t be fooled: By the time you get to the explosive lunge jumps, you’ll break a sweat. 

Ready to tap into your inner power? Join DJ Townsel for Yoga for Strength & Flexibility, a six-week online challenge that blends yoga poses and body-resistance training. You’ll take on drills and practices that’ll focus on balance, mobility, control, endurance, and integration—and discover about how these themes show up in your life. Sign up today!

This video is part of Yoga Journal's National Yoga Month 30-Day calendar of classes to help you recommit to your practice. See the full schedule, and how to enter to win a mat and free online yoga training, here.

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