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yogavibes downward dog

Find Proper Arm Alignment in Downward Facing Dog

Joan Hyman explains proper arm positioning in downward facing dog. Strengthen your shoulders and open your upper back to prepare for inversions and backbends.

alexandria crow downward facing dog pose

VIDEO: Downward-Facing Dog

Master Downward Facing Dog, a beginner's pose that both opens and strengthens the upper body—great preparation for inversions.


Cobra Pose vs. Upward Facing Dog in Vinyasa Yoga

Should you pick Cobra or up dog in your vinyasa flow? Move through Cobra Pose and Upward Facing Dog in this yoga video from Justin Michael Williams to enhance your vinyasa.

Watch + Learn: Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Watch + Learn: Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Learn how to achieve Downward-Facing Dog, a beginner's pose that both opens and strengthens the upper body—making it a great preparation for inversions.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Watch + Learn: Downward-Facing Dog Pose

This video teaches the basics of Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose), a yoga staple.


Balance Poses to Build Strength in Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

Try this series of poses from Sarah Ezrin to find correct alignment and balance in Warrior III. Focus on these muscle groups to keep your body safe.

Downward Dog Pose (1)

Downward-Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Here are helpful cues to practice Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) correctly and safely.


Open Your Shoulders + Lift into Forearm Balance (Pincha Mayurasana)

Try these yoga poses to open your upper back and shoulders and prepare you for Forearm Balance or Pincha Mayurasana. Learn how to master this armbalance and inversion gracefully with Sarah Ezrin.