Pranayama 101: A Daily (Hands-Only) Vinyasa Practice to Connect to Your Breath

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Want to learn how to develop basic breath awareness as well as breath-manipulation techniques that will transform your practice? Join Pranayama 101: Breathing Practices for Vital Energy and Deep Relaxation. In this six-week online course, Tias Little, founder of Prajna Yoga and author of Yoga of the Subtle Body, will help you tap into the power of your breath for optimal mind, body, and spiritual well-being and to open energetic pathways for the flow of prana (life force). Learn more and sign up today!

You may typically associate a vinyasa with expansive Sun Salutations or a complicated series of asana transitions, but any practice that links breath and movement is considered vinyasa yoga—even if it’s moving your hands with each inhale and exhale. Here, Tias Little, who leads YJ’s online course, Pranayama 101, shares a simple vinyasa practice using the hands to ride the breath that will synchronize mind, body, and breath, so you’ll feel the resulting shift in prana all day long. 

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