How Much Stretch is Too Much Stretch?

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Yoga is a powerful physical and emotional tool, as you know, but have you thought about how stretching in yoga poses relates to your body’s nervous system, hormones, and even the expression of your DNA? Every time you stretch in a yoga pose, you are activating an entire cascade of physical and emotional reactions that can shape your health and wellbeing.

Here, Tom Myers, founder of Anatomy Trains, walks you through the perks of finding middle ground—between too much stretch, which can cause injury and nervous system stress, and not enough stretch, which may not activate the physiological benefits of yoga.

If you’d like to learn (a lot) more about the anatomy of stretch, join Tom Myers, founder of Anatomy Trains, in his new online course, Science of Stretch: Anatomy Training for Stability and Resilience. This four-week online education experience, designed for yoga teachers and practitioners alike, will help you embody a deeper understanding of how your entire body moves, so you can establish a healthy balance between strength and mobility on the mat. Sign up today at

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