WATCH: Yoga Journal's October 2015 Home Practice Issue

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The November 2015 issue of Yoga Journal is dedicated to helping you develop your ideal home practice and create a space you love to practice in. Get a sneak peak inside seven top yoga teacher's homes to see how they keep their practice going. Cover model and Prana Flow Yoga Teacher Coral Brown offers a sequence that uses poses, mantra and mudras for finding more meaning in your yoga practice. Also featured inside the issue are the top 10 yoga cities in America, Amy Ippoliti on mastering eight-angle pose, Kundalini Yoga teacher Guru Jagat's 10-, 20-, 30-minute sequence for reviving your energy this fall and Vinyasa yoga teacher Gina Caputo's poses for hikers. YJ Editor in Chief Carin Gorrell walks you through the issue. Happy reading!

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