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Create space in your hips and front body with this series of hip opening yoga poses from Tiffany Russo.


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Find Deeper Flexibility in Hip Openers

Increase your range of motion in your hips and thighs with these yoga stretches and hip openers from Core Fusion's Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito.


Flow + Tips to Strengthen Thighs and Hamstrings

Try this yoga video to strengthen and lengthen your thighs and hamstrings from Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito at Core Fusion, Exhale Spa.


Camel Pose: Nix Neck + Shoulder Pain in this Backbend

Want a better backbend? Anusara certified teacher Sarah Faircloth teaches modifications and alignment for reducing discomfort in the low back, neck, and shoulders in Camel Pose

Open-Up-Gently Flow for the Hips + Chest

Kathryn Budig's gentle flow yoga video is ideal for anyone looking for a little revitalization.


Build Upper Body Strength for Chaturanga and Arm Balances

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The Five Tibetans Warming Afternoon Yoga Flow

Watch Kyra Anastasia's introduction to the Five Tibetans—a series of yoga moves that warm your body and strengthen target areas.